Pete Cashmore Tech Observer Leading Mashable

Pete Cashmore

photo credit: Josh Hallett

As the founder of Mashable, a highly successful blog about social networking and technology, Pete Cashmore has been called everything from the “Briton of the Year” in 2010 to a tech maverick. But accolades hold little appeal for Cashmore, because he strives to be on top of things all the time and prefers not to live in the past.

Unlike other tech entrepreneurs, Pete Cashmore actually grew up in Banchory, a rural village in Scotland. It turned out to be one of his biggest challenges, but it also became an advantage. Without connections and far away from Silicon Valley, he had an outsider’s perspective. Turns out that there was a mass market out there that wanted to know more about how technology works and what the coolest gadgets out there are. Here are some factors that had set it apart from the rest:

  • Consumer-focused – compared to old-school tech blogs, websites, and magazines, Mashable has always been centered on consumers. It’s about new tools, apps, and gadgets. For example, topics like funding announcements aren’t posted on the site; they only cover topics that users would be interested in.
  • Social Media – the site generates a lot of buzz on social media websites. The layout of Mashable has changed dramatically to place more emphasis on sharing via Facebook, Twitter, and bookmarking websites.

According to Cashmore, a key ingredient to his and Mashable’s success is following through. There are many creative individuals out there with great ideas but who fail to push through with their plans, he says. Simply put, Mashable became successful through dedication, persistence, and the implementation of plans.


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