Brian Chesky: Making a Profit from Every Space, Every Place

Times are tough around the world. In the U.S. many of our homes are underwater while many of our parks are full of occupiers. In Europe, London is burnt and Athens in burning. Yes, times are tough and many of us are forced to look for extra cash wherever we can find it. AirBnB is one such place that people are looking in to.

Brian Chesky founded the San Francisco AirBnB, along with his partners Nathan Blecharczyk and Joe Gebbia in 2007, to connect people with extra space with people who are in need of a place to stay. Although it is kind of  turning every home or apartment into an apartment, it is also different and more personal since it provides the host and the potential guests a platform they can use to get to know each other before any real decisions are made. It also opens the world to travelers looking for places at all price points anywhere in the world. Currently, there are AirBnB listings in close to 8,000 cities throughout 169 nations around the planet.

Since the service began four years ago, more than two million nights have been booked and sold on AirBnB. For the vast majority of users, the experiences have been pleasant. In fact, judging from the loads of testimonials listed on the website, many users prefer this set up to staying in traditional hotels or motels.

However, having people stay in your place can lead to trouble; like what one host in San Francisco learned on June 22 of this year when some AirBnB guests vandalized her home. Chesky and AirBnB responded quickly and personally by helping the host and the San Francisco Police Department track down the miscreant guests and subsequently changing the company’s security policies.

Industry observers estimate that AirBnB grew by 800% in 2010 and will have an even stronger 2011.

To learn more about Chesky and AirBnB, visit:

Brian Chesky @ Startup School 2010 (credit: semerda)

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