All-in-One Eyeglasses

As we age, the muscles in our eyes that help us to focus grow weaker and some of us will eventually have to use eyeglasses. Some people need eyeglasses due to inherent eye problems not associated with age.

Our eye focuses by changing the shape or curvature of the lens inside the eye. The fatter the shape (or the more curved), the more it can focus on near objects; and the thinner the shape (or the less curved) the more it can focus on distant objects. If a person’s eyes have difficulty changing the same or curvature of their lenses to focus, eyeglasses may be helpful.

The problem with eyeglasses is the lens is fixed. It cannot adjust to become rounder or thinner like the lens in the eye. To have proper focus we use different lenses. Bifocals allow us to read at near distance by looking down through one grade of lens or to focus farther away by looking straight ahead and through a different grade of lens.

It can be a hassle to look up or down to change focus. Some people even need trifocal glasses or to carry two or three pairs of glasses for different needs.

There is an eyeglass that eliminates the need for different lens grades since it can mimic what the eye can do. Created by Stephen Kurtin, the eyeglasses have a fixed outer prescription lens and a flexible inner lens. There is clear liquid between these two lenses. At the bridge of the eyeglasses is a slider that moves the liquid and causesthe flexible lens to be more curved or less curved; just like the original eye lens.

You can change focus any time by moving the slider; no need for traditional eyeglasses with multiple lens grades. User feedback indicates both that constant adjustment becomes natural and that you don’t have to adjust as often as you may think. These glasses are made by Superfocus. I believe this is really what eyeglasses should be; it has finally arrived!

But its starting price of seven hundred dollars, perhapstakes the eyeglasses out of the practical range. Then again, I have purchased less-essential items for the same price or more. With a little budgeting, these eyeglasses will eventually arrive at my doorstep. I’ll just have to make sure not to break them.


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