Kevin Rose’s Digg Effect

Kevin Rose is said to be one of the most famous men on the internet. As the founder of Digg, he took the back seat and gave the wheel to friend and business partner Jay Adelson, who served as the CEO until last year. Despite working behind the scenes for a long period of time, Rose still managed to rise up to fame. How did he do it?

As a 31-year-old budding Internet-age media mogul, Rose can certainly pull in a crowd. He is the host of an online television show called Diggnation, which is produced by Revision3 – a company he co-founded in 2005. Coincidentally, Revision3 was largely influenced by, a popular website which is also another one of Rose’s brainchild.

To say that Rose is a well-known figure in the tech industry is an understatement.

Kevin RoseRose owes most of his popularity to Digg, which is described as a social search engine that provides news and other current information. Its visitors, mostly male, can write their own headline and teasers as they submit links to newsworthy items – may it be from blog postings, newspaper articles, or videos. These stories are posted to the site and put to a vote, and the one with the most number of “diggs” will be granted a prime spot on the homepage. The “digg effect” can bring traffic to the website that posted original content so effectively that others even assert the possibility of a server overload.

The creator of this ingenious site has reaped the benefits of his innovation. Sales from Google ads and a partnership with Federated Media for ad sales all made Kevin Rose a very wealthy man. When Adelson stepped down as the CEO, Rose finally took control of his own company, but recently scaled back on Digg duties to focus his effort in a new direction.

A lot more can be expected from this successful tech entrepreneur in the years to come.


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