Darren T. Kimura’s Green Wave

Rags to riches stories, like that of Darren T. Kimura, never fails to amaze and inspire people.

To say he had to work his way through high school and college is an understatement. Kimura did not only handle one job, he handled three jobs while studying. Exposed to hard work early in life, the entrepreneur developed a strong work ethic. He saw work as part of living and as a means to survive.

After graduating from college, Kimura decided to go into business. But he also realized that he had to start making major changes in his character and personality to be taken seriously in such an austere industry. Off went the surfboard and earrings, and in came a more professional image. He started to act and speak the part, but he still had to walk the walk.

Using credit cards for financing, Kimura started his first business in the oddest of places — the back seat of his car. He called his business Energy Industries, a company focused on efficiency and renewable energy solutions. It may sound like a good idea today, but riding the green wave fourteen years ago was unheard of. It took the budding entrepreneur a lot of persistence and hard work before he finally made it big.

Over time, many commercial and industrial clients saw the efficiency of Kimura’s services — which aim to reduce energy consumption. Finally, Kimura’s hard work paid off as he now earns millions by offering eco-friendly alternatives. The business makes about fifty million dollars per year, but the innovative entrepreneur would like to see it reach the two hundred million dollar mark. From one employee, the company now operates with ninety dedicated workers in offices found across the United States.

His drive is relentless, his innovation unparalleled. With these traits, there is no doubt that Kimura can achieve anything he sets his mind to.


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