Filling Her Brother’s Shoes

In 1997 famed fashion designer Gianni Versace was murdered in Florida.  The death raised questions about the future of his international fashion house. While there were people who could run the business side of things, fashion was all about appealing yet distinctive designs from the fashion house. The one tasked to continue this critical part of Gianni’s legacy (which was basically what the business was all about) fell on his younger sister Donatella. She was appointed head of design.

These were certainly large shoes to fill. While Donatella had her share of the limelight alongside her famous brother, she was more of her brother’s side kick than a star designer in her own right. She had to prove herself and this she did.

Today Donatella is the Vice President of the board and Creative Director of the Versace Group and has been credited with moving the company beyond clothing into a complete lifestyle brand. This includes among others, going into the hotel business.

Donatella rose to the occasion endured hardships and challenges and has come out on top. She filled her brother’s shoe and in the process has created her own legacy as well.


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