Business and Politics

Businessmen especially when their business grows bigger sooner or later brush elbows with politicians.  Businesses may need an elected government official’s signature to start a project. It’s just how things work and it may be done above board or in some instances, with more the than people’s interest in mind.

There are also big businessmen who align themselves with politicians who share their own views. There is nothing illegal about it, it’s how our democracy works.

One businessman has really made it big. Through hard work and risk taking Sheldon Adelson (aged 78) has made it. Of humble beginnings, he held various jobs and various businesses before becoming the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Las Vegas Sands Corporation.

It took vision and a lot of guts to destroy the old Sands Hotel which hosted celebrities like Frank Sinatra and turn it into the Venice-inspired Venetian Hotel (spending $1.5 billion) which became a trend setter in the gambling and hotel resort world.  Then he set his sights on gambling enclave Macao, China, and built the Sands Macao.  The subsequent floating of the company’s stocks in 2004 made him wealthy many times over. 

Other notable establishments include the Venetian Macao  Resort Hotel at the cost of $2.4 billion in 2007, and the Marina Bay Sands (Singapore) opened in 2010 at a reported cost of $5.4 billion. His businesses and net worth took a dive in 2008 due to the financial crisis but has since rebounded. His net worth is now $21.5 billion making him the 8th richest man in America.

Known for his philanthropic work most especially involving Jewish interests, he is also a big political contributor. His timely donations (including that of his wife) in the 2012 Republican primary, now totaling $10 million, have greatly helped the political fortunes of long time friend Newt Gingrich.  His philanthropy and influence reaches all the way to Israel.

You may admire him or not but you must agree he is a business leader in every sense of the word.


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