Spreading the Butter Around

Great businessmen have also allowed other individuals to get wealthy. By buying stocks in successful companies investors can become wealthy as well. The butter gets spread around.

Another approached that has been used is through franchising. It can be a win-win situation for the franchisee and the franchisor.  Instead of having to start your own business and learn by mistake, you can have a franchise and be shown how it’s done. For the one who created the franchise his business can grow without having to spend so much capital on growth.

The aging population in most developed countries has opened up business opportunities in the elderly care area. There are many privately run home for the aged all over America.  There is also a niche in taking care of senior citizens in their own homes. 

Steve Everhart recognized this niche and has parlayed this knowledge into a franchise business. It all started when Everhart was looking at the different care options for his grandmother.  He then realized the difficulties involved in elderly care and decided to put up his own business based on his belief of how it should be done.

The Senior’s Choice Inc. was founded in 1999 and is reputed to be the nation’s largest network of independent senior care companies.  It also has franchises outside the U.S. This is a non-medical senior care business that you can start. It provides meal preparation, light housekeeping, medication reminder, and other services for the elderly and other individuals so they can continue living independenly in their own homes.

Like other franchises it has it requirements; it’s something worth considering.


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