Not Your Typical Entrepreneur

Most entrepreneurs have some commonalities. Aside from having loads of confidence, they are usually the outgoing type. By nature they tend to have some inborn marketing skills, since you do have to sell your product or service. Niklas Zennström is of a different character.

Aside from his height the other most noticeable trait about him is his reserved character; never the type to seek publicity. Thoughtful and reflective, he has been a successful entrepreneur in the field of technology. Unlike most entrepreneurs he has also done something very few if any entrepreneur has ever done, sell a company he co-founded twice!

Along with Janus Friis, he co-founded the voice-over internet protocol (VoIP) application company known as Skype.  In 2005 they sold Skype to eBay (the online auction website). They remained on board the sold company until 2007. eBay was not able to fully realize what they wanted out of Skype and decided to sell the company.

Due to certain technological rights that they still held on Skype, the original co-founders became part minority owner of the consortium that bought Skype in 2009 for a much lower price of $1.9 billion. In 2011 Microsoft bought Skype for $8.6 billion, earning Zennström and Friis around $1 billion between them.

Aside from Skype, Zennström has engaged in other e-commerce undertakings. He is also into philanthropy work focusing on human rights and how to stop climate change.


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