Yes You Khan Learn

Teaching is the noblest profession.  You can impart knowledge to so many people which help them lead productive lives.  It is not an easy job (some say it’s a calling) you must find a way to let students understand what the lesson is all about.

There is one man with such outstanding academic credentials.  Three degrees from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology: B.S. in Mathematics, B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and M.S. in electrical engineering and computer science and topped this off with an MBA from Harvard University.  Like other individuals of his caliber Salman Khan earned big bucks working at a hedge fund firm.

In 2004, while living in Boston, he remotely tutored math to a cousin in New Orleans.  She learned her lessons and other relatives and friends began to get tortured this way too.  To maximize the number of students taught he used YouTube to give his 10-15 minute tutorials. This was the beginning of the Khan Academy which gives online lessons that even Bill Gates and his children use.

Khan is no longer connected with the hedge fund world and is totally focused in his academy. What’s so outstanding is while other online teaching course enterprises charge a fee, you can download lessons from his website for free, no gimmicks whatsoever. So far over 100 million lessons have been delivered. His enterprise venture is non-profit and survives on donations.

Salman Khan is a gift to the world.


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