You’re Reading On His Creation

Matt Mullenweg was born in Houston, Texas on January 11, 1984 which makes him 28 years of age as of this writing. In 2005 or when he was just 21 he and his colleagues launched WordPress to the world. This was the start of a new platform for blogging and content management that the blogging community has come to love.

WordPress is a free and open source software program used in the web. This means everyone can come in and improve on the system.   To this effect this software is managed by The WordPress Foundation.  This has to be hosted on and is owned by Automatic which also owns Akismet.  This is the business side of the software and Automatic charges fees if you want your blog site managed or have more enhanced features.  Yet the nice thing about is you can set up your own website for absolutely free and even without upgrades the website functions very well.

Mullenweg actually showed much talent and interest in the field of music attending the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston, Texas.  Yet he was just as talented in the field of software programs. After two years of college in Houston, he moved to San Francisco accepting a job at CNET the technology news site. After working on the side with WordPress he left the company a year later in October 2005 to focus full time on WordPress.

So just how popular is WordPress? Obviously since it’s free there are many users not just the fact that it’s easy to use. One way to gauge if the software is in demand is if large companies who have the money will use the program.  It is no longer the free feature that is the guiding factor in using the program, but how well it can be utilized by the company.

There can be no doubt as to the popularity of the platform with such big names as CNN, NBC Sports, UPS, and CBSRadio being some of the users of  The company claims 353 million people view 2.5 billion pages per month using WordPress.

What Mullenweg created just less than 10 years ago is now so commonly used in the internet. Before we forget what you’re reading is also published using his creation.


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