Not As Famous As Mark

If you go that far back when you mention the name Mark, the person that comes to mind is the famous writer Mark Twain.  For those more into sports when you mention the name Mark, the person that comes to mind is Mark Spitz. These days when you mention the name Mark, it’s not surprising if the name Mark Zuckerberg comes to mind. How could you blame anyone for remembering that name immediately when there are over 800 million Facebook users? China and India are the only two countries left with a higher population than the number of Facebook users.

When you mention the name Dustin, the person that comes to mind may be Dustin Hoffman. Any other Dustin you may know? For the common man Dustin Moskovitz doesn’t ring a bell. It’s a bit unfair really since he is a co-founder of Facebook, but a significant portion of the 800 million users don’t know him.

He was one of the three dorm mates of Zuckerberg who founded Facebook in 2004 at Harvard. He was the pioneering chief technology officer, and then became vice president of engineering. He is credited with overseeing the major architecture of the site.  Along with Zuckerberg he dropped out of Harvard and moved to California.

In late 2008 he left Facebook to start a new company named Asana described as a collaboration and messaging software company. He and his partner were able to get a good amount of funding for the company.  They released to the public their new product early last year.

Moskovitz himself has invested in startup companies and even setup his own foundation named Good Ventures.  Why can he afford this? Well as of September of last year Forbes Magazine estimated his net worth at $3.5 billion dollars. He sold 1% of his shares at Facebook in 2010 but still owns 5% of this multi-billion dollar company.

Very few people who live in this planet will ever be worth that much and at only 27 years of age. So who cares if you’re not as famous as Mark!


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