Blogging Sensation

Blogging is not that difficult. There are hosts of sites that allow you to blog and you can start pounding your keyboard and blog to your heart’s content. It’s not difficult, what’s difficult is how to stand out from the rest of the world’s multitude of bloggers.

Just like there are millions of runners out there, only a few become the elite. This is the case of Pete Cashmore, he blogs, he tweets and his famous. At only 19 years of age, in 2005 he founded  and the website now has over 20 million viewers monthly and is a must read for all techies out there.  Aside from blogging he also has legions of followers in Twitter, and writes a column for a major news outlet.

A British who now spends part of his time in America, he has been given many international recognitions including “Top 25 Web Celebs” by Forbes in 2009. For him to reach this status there must be substance to what he writes, given his age it’s a wonder how he has become such an authority in the technology field, but then again a number of today’s multi-millionaires and billionaires are below the age of 30 and made it big in the field of technology.

For the legions of bloggers out there it shows what can be achieved by the now more common activity of blogging.


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