She’s A Fake

That’s her surname, her father being Peter Fake. Aside from that there’s nothing fake about Caterina Fake. You must have heard of Flickr the photo-sharing website. She is responsible for its creation along with her then husband Steward Butterfield.

It wasn’t a straight forward success story though as the couple’s venture was originally Ludicorp which had as its product a role-playing game known as Game Neverending.  Unfortunately the game ended, the company went bankrupt just after one year in 2003.

A portion of this game had a technology with photo-sharing features. They turned this into a website called Flickr which became a hit. So much so that Yahoo! bought it for a reported $35 million in 2005. After the acquisition she joined Yahoo! but resigned in 2008.

Not everyone would start a venture on a hunch but Ms. Fake and a partner did start a venture named Hunch in June 2009. Its goal is to map every user in the internet and connect to every entity and their ties to that entity.  The company was certainly more than a hunch since eBay bought it for an estimated $80 million in November 2011.

She’s now into another venture called PinWheel. It’s still very early but she already raised $7.5 million in venture capital.  Most of the money is there because of her reputation more than the new product.

Apparently investors genuinely believe in Ms. Fake.


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