Beauty And Brains

We have often heard the phrase “beauty and brains”. One person who fits that description to a tea is Tyra Banks. She made a living by being beautiful then has gone on to run her own business.

You can say that Tryra came from broken home.  Born on December 4, 1973 in California, her parents divorced when she was six years old.  Some credits must go to her parents with the arrangement of having her stay with her mother on weekdays and with her father on weekends.

The arrangement seems to have worked just fine for her because she looked at it as having twice the fun.  She said she wound up having two birthday parties, two Christmas parties, and double the presents.  This is not the usual situation with divorced families. In any case at an early age Tyra was looking at the glass as being half full instead of half empty.

With her great looks and personality she experience being one of the popular girls in school only to become one of the freaky looking ones in high school and the butt of jokes when she started to grow very tall and lanky. She then used her height to her advantage by try her luck at modeling.

She faced rejections at first when apply at various modeling agencies until the world’s largest modeling agency Elite Model Management took her in. She went to Europe and became a hit super model in the early 90s. By mid 90s she was gaining weight and more curves, a no-no in the fashion model world.

This didn’t stop Tyra. She went back to the U.S. and did swimwear and lingerie modeling which appreciated the curves. She was one of the original Victoria’s Secret Angel models. She then used her successful modeling career and popularity to produce and host her own show “America’s Next Top Model”. It was a world-wide success and sealed her place as being an entrepreneur and not just another pretty face. This lady had brains, too.

She also produced and hosted the “Tyra Banks Show”.  She’s done movies, T.V. shows, singing, using her talents to as far as it would take her. She has her own fashion-related website, and managed to take a course at Harvard University, no less.

Fashion model, entrepreneur, beauty and brains, that’s Tyra Banks.


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