Entrepreneur Boxer

Boxing is a difficult (and painful) way to earn a living. Most boxers come and go and we hear stories of boxers like Joe Luis and Mike Tyson who lost it all outside the ring. There are some boxers that have managed to have a successful life outside the ring as entrepreneurs.

Oscar De La Hoya is a Mexican American who used his fists to earn a living. He had a very successful amateur boxing career that was capped with his winning an Olympic boxing gold medal in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics in Spain. His good looks and boxing exploit led to the media calling him “the Golden Boy” and the name has stuck ever since.

Oscar went on to become a successful professional boxer. The professional sports of boxing is not only about being a good boxer it’s also about having an appeal and being popular.  Oscar had this with his good looks, good boxing skills, and Hispanic background.  He has won ten world championship belts in not one but six different weight divisions.  The financial return has been tremendous, too. He is believed to have earned over $600 million in pay-per-view earnings.

In 2002, while still an active fighter, he formed Golden Boy Promotions, this was the first national boxing promotion company owned by a Hispanic. The company now has under contract an impressive stable of boxers who rake in money for the outfit.

In Oscar’s last fight on December 2008, he was badly clobbered by Philippine boxing phenomenon Manny Pacquiao forcing his corner to stop the fight at the end of the eighth round.  Oscar retired in 2009. For him there’s life after boxing being the owner of one of the top boxing promotion companies in the world.


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