Thousands of aspiring authors want to be like her. But with all the acclaim and success that J.K. Rowling has achieved, rising to her level of fame and fortune is a difficult feat. As the author of the bestselling fantasy Harry Potter series , Rowling’s story is definitely one for the books.

But can an author qualify as an entrepreneur? Not many of them can, but Rowling can.

Rowling’s journey to the top started during one of the lowest points in her life. Seven years after graduating from the university, she found herself jobless, divorced, and with one dependent child. Looking back, she describes herself as the biggest failure she ever knew. But instead of wallowing in despair, Rowling took failure as a challenge.

Armed with an old typewriter and an idea, Rowling finished her first novel while depending on state welfare support. Like many unknown writers, she faced rejection — until a publisher’s daughter read her manuscript and demanded the next one. In less than a year, Harry Potter was auctioned for publication rights, giving Rowling a nice check worth $105,000. So began her journey to international acclaim.

Today, over a decade after Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone first saw print, Rowling is regarded by many as the most inspiring entrepreneur. Only very few authors can build a lucrative empire based on their books, and she is one of them. Part of her success is credited to the way she was able to turn the stories into such a successful product. Under her direction, Harry Potter became more than just a fictional character; he became a brand with a huge following.

Rowling serves as an inspiration to people who have lost hope of ever being successful in life. Dubbed as the magical entrepreneur, Rowling continues to reap the rewards of her hard work, creativity, and endless pursuit for passion.